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SFE - Svensk Film Effekt - Swedish Film Effect is buildt on the idea that with great tools comes great creative freedom. We have worked with cliets as: Volvo, Scania, Electrolux, Swedish Space Corp, CNN, TV4, SVT, UR and many-many more. During last years we flew more then 2000 flights with cameradrones. We love to help you do amazing sh*t!

Camera Drones


With respect for safety and aviation law we fly like crazy and get amazing shots.


We built our first camera drone 22 years ago and have to date build about one new better generation of drone every year.


The dones are powered with large batterys and have flying time for 15-20 min depending on camera. For rates and license/ insurence info plese contact us!



Video examples:


Ansvarig utgivare och tillhandahållare : Jan Jansson